Lola 4 (working title)

Okay now.  I’m at a point in my next book where I need to tie it all together.  I had gone off in two different directions and now it is time to bring it back.  I have worked out most of the details but now it must make sense and be cohesive.

This will be the fourth book in my series “The Journey of the Freighter Lola.”  I tried something new with this novel.  Rather than simply follow a die cut pattern for the stories, I wanted to experiment a little with this the fourth book.  I tell two stories in parallel.  They begin together and will eventually come back and unite, I hope.

I have so many great characters so I wanted to give them a chance to shine more on their own.  Jack and Julie still play a lead role but others step forward in this new book.  I also bring forward some new exciting developments that allow me avenues to pursue in the future.

I think I am two or three chapters from finishing my first draft on this novel.  I haven’t even titled it and for now it’s working title is Lola 4.  At this pace, I imagine a late winter or early spring release.  Of course, if I get a bug up my butt it could be available for Christmas (probably not).B2D6E1A3-B43E-44E4-AB88-C6F5971F4A0B

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  1. I just finished the last chapter of the rough draft of book 4 of my Scifi Series. Still lots of work to do with rewrites and editing but I have closure now. Still no title but I have ideas and some new ideas for a cover. I hope for a late winter or early spring release.

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