You don’t need them all

You don’t need every tool out there for your kitchen but you will need a few basic ones. Dining, Not Just Eating shows you what you should have when you start out or decide to cut back. I also have a link, Shopping Suggestions where you can find most of them at reasonable prices. I only post the tool if I use it and like it. Be sure to pick up your copy of my cookbook and browse the shopping link for your kitchen.

What are you reading?

RW journeySo what are you reading?   No matter how you feel about the current situation with the virus you are spending a lot more time home.  There are lots of great books you should read rather than binge watch Netflix.

I would love to have you try my series, The Journey of the Freighter Lola.  it is the tale of a broken-down old space freighter, Jack Tracey, and the adventures he has aboard his space ship Lola.

Explore new worlds, discover strange new creatures, and battle evil villains. Simply click the links in the menu to read samples of each book or purchase the work.  They are available in Kindle E-book as well as softcover.

You will see links to other work by me from my cookbook to the many magazine articles I have written in three different online magazines.  In addition to that you will find a shopping suggestion link that will show you many of the kitchen items I use in my cooking as well as around the house.


Shopping Suggestions

Scroll down through the menu and you will find a new link.  Shopping Suggestions.  I have had many people reach out asking me about some of the items I mention in my cookbook, Dining, Not Just Eating,  I decided to make it easy for everyone and include links here on my website for those items.

I also included some other items for interests that from time to time may be mentioned here on the site.  Everything I show a link to I have purchased with my own money and found it useful and a reasonably good product.

Many of the Amazon links are affiliate links and that means that for any sales I may get a few pennies.  There is no additional cost to you and it is the same as if you were to purchase it by finding it online yourself.  Any money I make from this will go to paying for the website maintenance.

I hope you find something you like.  If you have a problem with the product please let me know so that I can possibly remove it from the section.  Also if you have any suggestions please feel free to send me a message and I will possibly list it.

So go check it out.  SHOPPING SUGGESTIONS




Social Distance…

kindle app poster

You have been social distancing for a couple weeks now.  You binge watched Tiger King and Netflix is running out of titles you want to see.  How about you download a book to read.  Help your brain recover from the mush some of these programs are reducing it to.

You can download a free Kindle Reader App for any platform you want to read on.  I personally love my Kindle reader, but you can use your PC, Laptop, cell phone, or tablet.  If you have a Kindle Fire tablet (just $49.99) it already has the app installed.

If you are a Kindle Unlimited member you can download thousands of books at no cost to you.

Downloading a Kindle e-book is a great way to get a book and not risk picking up a virus, both computer or covid-19.

I personally suggest you try my work.  The six titles in the Journey of the Freighter Lola series are available to download.  Just follow the link here.  While you are looking at my books you may find you need a new cookbook.  It’s great for anyone new to the kitchen not just single dads.  There is also a short story novella that’s a side story to the Journey series that you may enjoy.

Stay safe and read a book.


To help you self-quarantine…

free hardcore

We’re all spending much more time home right now.  Whether as self-imposed quarantine or because the kid’s school has closed, we are spending more time at home.  To help pass the time I am offering the first book in the Journey of the Freighter Lola series, Hardcore – The Journey Begins to you as a free kindle download from Amazon.  Simply click the link and download the full Kindle e-book to any platform you choose.

You don’t need a dedicated Kindle reader.  With this free Kindle Reader app you can use any platform you like.  Read my book on your PC, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to begin your Journey aboard the Freighter Lola.  The offer only lasts five days.  March 19th through March 23rd.

Do Not Panic, Remain Calm…

not too late

Yes, I am pandering to the panicked.  I am trying to take advantage of a pandemic.  Perhaps it is too soon.  It’s still a great time to pick up my exciting series The Journey of the Freighter Lolaand while you are at it you might want to improve your kitchen skills with Dining – Not Just Eating, since you may not want to go out to eat.

Stay home, make a great meal and enjoy a great story in either softcover or Kindle E-book available through the links on this page.

Dining, Not Just Eating, Too


Back in March 2016, I released Dining, Not Just EatingIt was the book that began my writing career.  I followed it with the Journey of the Freighter Lola series over the next several years.

People have asked if I would ever write another cookbook.  I always planned on it and I have finally begun work on it.  I have been compiling new recipes over these four years and it is now time to put things together.

My current working title for the new book is Dining, Not Just Eating, Too.  That could change.

As always I am not stressing recipes as much as technique.  I will, of course, include some great new recipes.  I hope to include more photos this time.