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First, I hope everyone who wanted was able to download the FREE Kindle copy of my cookbook DINING, NOT JUST EATING.  I hope you enjoy it and if you did please take a minute to go to AMAZON.COM and leave me a review.  Once a book hits 20 reviews AMAZON starts helping with marketing.

Remember too, should you really enjoy Dining, Not Just Eating you may find it easier to work from a paper copy in the Kitchen.  You can still purchase the paperback  here on the Shop Now page.

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Happy Father’s Day


MARK  YOUR CALENDAR   JUNE 16th through JUNE 19th                

When I got divorced, my three sons were all in grammar school.  My ex-wife and the boys moved fifty miles away to be near her family.  My job required I remain in Chicago.  This meant I spent a lot of time on the highway to remain a part of the boy’s life.  I didn’t want to lose that family feeling with them.

I set up their bedroom with the same bunk beds they grew up with.  I wanted the house I lived in to be their home, not Dad’s house.  They’d come visit me and I tried to make it as homey as possible.  I realized we were eating at restaurants and take out more than we should and more than I could afford.  I knew we need to have at least one sit-down family meal when they stayed with me.

I could always cook for myself.  Now, I had to learn to cook for a family.  I began to gather recipes that would be tasty, healthy, and easy.  I looked to the meals my mother made and began to hunt for my comfort foods that I enjoyed when I was the boy’s age.

I didn’t want to spend all day cooking.  It took time away from them.  Foods that let them help were always a good choice.  My son Jim still makes the garlic bread whenever we have pasta together.

Eventually, I found my mother’s old cookbook and inside it, I found little scraps of paper with recipes, handwritten on them.  Here were the meals that I loved as a child.

On Monday’s I would go into work and my secretary would ask what I made for the boys over the weekend.  Often, she would suggest I write a cookbook for single dads.  I always thought, sure once I retire.  Well, I retired.  My sons are grown up.  The oldest just turned thirty.  They all know how their way around the kitchen even if they never want to go there.

As a gift to fathers everywhere, each Father’s Day, I offer my cookbook, DINING-NOT JUST EATING, as a FREE Kindle download to everyone.  This book is a great start for anyone new to the kitchen, not only Single Dads.

In the book, I show you what you need to start in a kitchen.  It doesn’t take much, and it doesn’t need to be expensive.  A few simple tricks and you go from eating out of a take-out container to some of the best pasta that you can call your own.  Learn to prepare the best steak you’ve ever had and how to dry age a standing rib roast in your fridge for the holidays.  Even more important learn to feel comfortable and confident in the kitchen, not simply follow a recipe.

If you don’t have a Kindle reader don’t worry.  You can download the FREE Kindle Reader App for whatever platform you like.  You can load it onto your phone, tablet, or PC.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity.  The FREE download of DINING-NOT JUST EATING is only available from June 16th through June 19th

Some people wonder why I give away so many free copies.  Last year I gave out 580 free downloads of the book.  In the two months following I sold over 300 copies.  I’m sure people read the FREE Download and decided they wanted the paperback to keep in their kitchen.


Bob Weisskopf


Hey Moms, there are some pretty good recipes in DINING-NOT JUST EATING that you’ll enjoy too.   Rum cake that you will love with a cup of coffee in the morning when no one is looking.  The worlds greatest potato salad recipe,  My mother made it and I thought the recipe was lost,  little did I know,  Two Chicken Tetrazzini recipes.  My idea and my mothers, both approved by my sons.  You won’t be sorry.


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Books sales live and die based on reviews.  I never used to write reviews but now that I realize how important they are I write them all the time.  It only takes a minute.  In my case just go to my Author page on Amazon, select a book you want to review, click on it and scroll down the page until you get to the review section.  Then just follow the simple instructions.  Amazon suggests books for you to read based on the number of reviews a book gets.  The first hurdle is to get twenty and then fifty.

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Can you draw?

hand drawn spaceships

I have no talent for drawing spaceships.  I like to think I am artistic but my attempts to render on paper or computer a reasonable example of my idea for the Freighter Lola are comical.  I just don’t have the skill needed to create even a semi convincing spaceship.  So, I am reaching out to you.  I am looking for someone who for only the experience and credit, can create a sketch of the Freighter Lola.  If you can do it or can help put me in touch with someone who can please contact me at


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Bob Weisskopf

Try a Sample

All books line up strght gry bkgnd

Amazon has a great little feature that you should use when you are looking for a new book to read.  If you go to a book’s sale page and click on the picture of the book, Amazon will open a new window with a sample for you to read.  This is usually the cover, title pages and then several pages of the novel itself.  In my novel, Hardcore, The Journey Begins it’s the cover through the first page of chapter 3.  This should give you a great idea of whether you may be interested in the book.  For your convenience, I’ve posted links to all my work in the menu.  Click on the menu item SAMPLES and you will be taken to a page with links for all six of my books.


Bob Weisskopf