IMG_4018Robert Weisskopf, or rather Bob as his friends call him, grew up in Chicago where he still lives. His father was a Chicago Police Lieutenant but his father had first apprenticed as a pastry chef under Bob’s Grandfather.

Bob entered the Chicago Police Academy on Valentine’s Day, 1983. He took to this career with a passion he never knew before. Over the course of the next thirty years he would rise from Police Officer to Lieutenant. He became interested in union and labor issues and eventually served as president of the Lieutenant’s union for six years.

As a young Police officer he soon met his bride. After dating a year, she accepted his marriage proposal. Married a year later they enjoyed their lives and kids. Three sons, Bobby, Jimmy, and Patrick brightened their home. To this day their sons are the brightest part of their lives. Unfortunately life happens and eventually Bob and his wife grew apart and separated. Divorced after 17 years of marriage they went on to lead their own lives. For Bob this never diminished the importance of him remaining close and involved in his son’s lives. His son’s lived with their mother fifty miles away. This meant he spent many long hours in heavy traffic and bad weather to make sure he would be there for his sons. One of his sons lived with him for eight years. A couple years back he moved out on his own. At the same time the other two moved in. Now with a home filled with sons and dogs, Bob perfects his cooking and spends his time writing, cooking and riding his Gold Wing motorcycle. This year he turns 62 years old, so this is just the beginning of the story.