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I’ve been sitting at my desk, typing away at my keyboard, working on book 6 in the Journey of the Freighter Lola series.  I think this will be my best work yet.  I’ve learned so much since I began this journey.

I think six books is a good number for a series.  I think I may leave an opening for the future if I ever decide to revisit Oakdale and the Freighter Lola.  I will continue writing and already have plans for police drama drawing from my thirty years on the Chicago Police Department.  I am also working on compiling recipes and ideas for the second edition of Dining – Not Just Eating.

The second edition will still focus on the person new to the kitchen.  I found there are a lot more in need of help than single dads.  An 80-year-old man picked up a copy of my book the other day.  His wife died after 52 years of marriage.  He was learning how to cook now.

Take a look at the website.  You’ll find links to read samples of all my books and to purchase them.  In addition, I have been writing articles for Law Enforcement Today for several years and have compiled quite a few   Take a look at the L.E.T Articles section to see all my articles.

I have a mailing list and use it sparingly.  I hate receiving junk mail and tend to ignore most without reading it.  To ensure you don’t ever get to that point, I only send out emails when I have something major like a book sale or new release. If you would be interested in joining the list there is a link asking you to Join the Journey.  As a free gift to all who join, you can download my short story prequel Ambush in the Forest as an e-book.

Enjoy the Journey and Dine Well

Robert Weisskopf



Rapparee – The Regeneration

The reviews on my newest book in the Journey of the Freighter Lola series are great.  One fan told me just yesterday “Rapparee was great,  I really liked it.  I like the entire series but this one really had me.  I can’t wait for book 6, when is that going to be out?”

You can find Rapparee and the other books in the Journey of the Freighter Lola series here, in the shop for my books section

Case File: The Journey of the Freighter Lola

top secret folder

Originally the first book in the Journey of the Freighter Lola series was intended to be the only work in the series that would be offered as a novel.  All the follow-up works were to be short stories.  As fortune would have it the second book in the series Carbonado not only wasn’t a short story but it was longer than Hardcore the first book.

When the third book, Dale Dair was completed I realized the story needed to be longer than this trilogy and I set my sights on a six-book series.  Chico 7 was followed by Rapparee and now I am working on book six in the series.

I never give a title to the work until later in the process.  I prefer to have the story tell me what it will be known as.  I use a generic working title to save my files and work.  That allows me to keep things in order on my computer.

I just finished chapter 2 in the book.  That is all rough draft, so you see I have a long way to go until this one is released.  I usually have a rough draft and then about seven rounds of editing from me followed my editor.

If the book is as good as I think these two chapters are, it will be my best work to date.  I look forward to developing the story as much as I hope you look forward to reading it.

Bob Weisskopf


Welcome in the New Year

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kiick off the new year

Amazon grouped the five titles in the Journey of the Freighter Lola Series together where they belong and created their own page.  No more confusion to which order to read them.

You can select them in Kindle e-book or paperback and they are priced from FREE for Kindle Unlimited members up to $12.99 for the newest titles.  Start your Journey now

Holiday Feasts

Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years are just some of the holidays we are enjoying over the next weeks.  Part of these holidays is the family sitting around the table to enjoy a great feast.  Wow, your guests with a spectacular dry-aged standing rib roast that everyone will think you spent a fortune preparing.  dry aging

A four bone Prime cut standing rib roast can cost close to $200.  It is also difficult to find since few stores sell such an expensive cut.  A Choice cut standing rib roast will cost significantly less and is available at most grocery stores.  With the Dry-Aging technique, I have in my cookbook Dining – Not Just Eating, you can easily prepare a deliciously tender roast beef for your guests that will rival the finest Prime Rib.

The process is easy and anyone can do it.  When I first did it a few years ago my son, Bob and I looked at it as a science experiment.  The results were astounding and we ended up with one of the tastiest roasts I’ve ever tasted.

You will find the entire process in Dining – Not Just Eating described in simple step by step instructions.  Pick up a copy today.  It is available in Kindle e-book or paperback here at my link through Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Have a great Holiday season and remember to Dine – Not Just Eat.



I have done this with a Prime Cut and it made it even more tender.   This process concentrates the flavors as it tenderizes the beef.