Welcome in the New Year

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kiick off the new year

Amazon grouped the five titles in the Journey of the Freighter Lola Series together where they belong and created their own page.  No more confusion to which order to read them.

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Merry Christmas

rapparee under the tree

If you weren’t good you can still get Rapparee – The Regeneration by Robert Weisskopf in both Kindle e-book and paperback right here.


Amazon has now bundled the five books in the Journey of the Freighter Lola series and they have them on their own page now at Amazon has now bundled the Journey of the Freighter Lola series…http://amzn.to/2BtKfsB

Holiday Feasts

Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years are just some of the holidays we are enjoying over the next weeks.  Part of these holidays is the family sitting around the table to enjoy a great feast.  Wow, your guests with a spectacular dry-aged standing rib roast that everyone will think you spent a fortune preparing.  dry aging

A four bone Prime cut standing rib roast can cost close to $200.  It is also difficult to find since few stores sell such an expensive cut.  A Choice cut standing rib roast will cost significantly less and is available at most grocery stores.  With the Dry-Aging technique, I have in my cookbook Dining – Not Just Eating, you can easily prepare a deliciously tender roast beef for your guests that will rival the finest Prime Rib.

The process is easy and anyone can do it.  When I first did it a few years ago my son, Bob and I looked at it as a science experiment.  The results were astounding and we ended up with one of the tastiest roasts I’ve ever tasted.

You will find the entire process in Dining – Not Just Eating described in simple step by step instructions.  Pick up a copy today.  It is available in Kindle e-book or paperback here at my link through Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Have a great Holiday season and remember to Dine – Not Just Eat.



I have done this with a Prime Cut and it made it even more tender.   This process concentrates the flavors as it tenderizes the beef.


Keeping very busy…

retirement star

While I wait for my manuscript to return from my editor, I’m putting my idle time to good use.  I have the interior title pages ready for the new novel and my cover is designed.  I’m as far as I can go on the new book.

This has left me with lots of free time.  Time recently that has been filled with some very emotional events.  I used this motivation to write a few new articles for Law Enforcement Today.  My most recent article, Five Years Ago,  was released this morning.

My contract with L.E.T. requires at least one article every 30 days.  I have been writing one every couple days.

My career as a police officer was emotional.  After all, you are dealing with life and death on a regular basis.  It should have some effect on you if you have any empathy in your soul.  This can impact you in more ways than you might expect.

I have around fifty articles in my L.E.T. archives.  I find the actual act of writing them to be cathartic.  I really needed it.  Please take a moment or two and browse through my articles, you can find them in the L.E.T. Articles link in the menu.

I hope you enjoy them,

Robert Weisskopf



Rapparee – The Regeneration

cover mock up 1

Rapparee – The Regeneration, Book five in the Journey of the Freighter Lola series of exciting scifi adventures is almost ready for release.  I hope to have it available from my usual sources and here on my blog by mid December.

This book tells about the return to Chico 7 and the battle to keep the bandits from taking the planet.  As always there are twists and turns and exciting new plot developments.  Your favorite characters return and a few new ones join in.

I am working on polishing the text and cover now, so keep an eye out for it.  Join the Journey email list  to be notified when it’s available for pre–order or sale.


After a very emotional couple of days I needed to blow off some steam and decided to write a little something sarcastic.  Please don’t take this as an endorsement of anything or support for any side of any issues.  It was simply written to help me blow off some steam.

Thank you,

Bob Weisskopf


Call to Arms



After reviewing all the news clips online about recent violence in the USA, Europe, and the rest of the world I decided we need to call out to our representatives for quick and effective computer laws.

Sure, a computer sitting there all by itself, unplugged looks pretty harmless but let some fiend plug it in and boot it up and you have a weapon of mass destruction sitting on your child’s desk.

You say, “How can that be?  It is just a box of electronic parts.”  Connect it to the internet and look out.  Watch as it unleashes volumes of pornography into your home.  See how your credit card statement grows exponentially as your computer links up with Amazon.

Take a last look at your kids as they disappear into online gaming forever.  Don’t feel you are safe because they are in the basement now rather than out on the corner.  They will sit there in the dark and never, ever leave.  You see the Morlocks they have become only when hunger drives them to the surface to feed.



This is only the traditional web.  I watched Mr. Robot so I know all about the Dark Web now and know how dangerous that is.  Protect my kids from that horror.

I call upon my elected representatives to draw up legislation limiting our computers to safe and respectable level of performance.  Limit our access to the internets.  This walking down the street with your head buried in your phone while you tweet is downright dangerous.

Back in my day when the internets were invented the top computers had 386 Intel Processors with a 200-megabyte hard drive.  If you needed more storage you had your choice of two sizes of floppy disc.  If your computer had 8 megabytes of RAM you could run a business on it.

It was more than enough to play your video games.  More than enough to write your letters and more than enough to go online if you had a dial-up modem.  This computer ensured you had free time to look up and speak to your family while you downloaded something online.

Does anyone really need dual state of the art graphics cards?  Does anyone understand how fast computers are anymore?  I don’t.

Back in 1983, our computers had the DOS installed on them.  It forced you to learn how dangerous they really were.  Once you thought you knew what you were doing and got cocky your system would crash and you would lose everything.  It kept you humble.  Nowadays anyone can sit down at one and run amok.  It’s just not safe. At least regulate and register these machines of death.

I call for a maximum of a 386 Pentium machine with 8megs of RAM and no more.  A dial-up hard drive and no free wi-fi at coffee shops.  Who do they think they are giving it away for free like that?

Thank you,