Tara Reunion – First Review

Tara first review 1200x 630If you have difficulty reading the review simply click here to go to the Amazon Review page.  You can also follow the link on the page if you would like to add your won review.

The reviews a book gets can make or break the sales of an author’s work.  The more reviews you get on Amazon the more they promote your work.

You can add a review no matter where you got the book.  Amazon knows you may have purchased it at a book signing direct from the author or even from Barnes&Noble.  They do have some rules but as long as you don’t say we’re close friends or you’re my cousin, then it’s fine.

So if you haven’t already, pick up one of the six books in the Journey of the Freighter Lola series and give it a read.  I’d love if you would take a minute afterwards and leave a review.


Bob Weisskopf


Great Review

Reviews are the life blood of an author and his work.  To receive a totally unsolicited and unexpected review makes my day.  That said, here is one I just received on Facebook.

Susan Boka Friestad writes- 

Robert Weisskopf – I just finished your first book “Hardcore: The Journey Begins” and I loved it! An action packed, can’t put it down book!

Hardcore: The Journey Begins, as you may know, is my first attempt at fiction and is book one in the Journey of the Freighter Lola series.

Thank you Susan, you really warmed up a bitterly cold day.

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It’s finally here –

book cover 2c

Tara Reunion, the long awaited end of the Journey is finally here.  After fourteen long hard months I’m proud to present book six in the Journey of the Freighter Lola.

Officially released and available in Amazon in both Kindle e-book and paperback formats.  It’s not yet available from Barnes & Noble but will be soon.

I hope you enjoy the story and remember to go to the Amazon site and write a review if you have.

Remember Tara Reunion and the other books in the Journey are all available through my links.

I hope you have enjoyed the Journey so far.


Lola 6 is into editing and proofing

I literally just finished book 6 in the Journey of the Freighter Lola series. I still have all the proof reading and editing then formatting for the paperback to do, but compared to finishing my sixth novel that is nothing. I came up wit a title two nights ago and believe I have the cover done. it might need some tweaking but I’m done with the hard part. The first book took a month. This one took a year. It will still be a month or two before it is available to the public but the big hurdles are gone. .  I think it will be entitled TARA REUNION and here is a peak at the book cover I am working on now-book cover 2c1Now would be a good time to read books one through five in the series if you haven’t already.  They are available in paperback or e-book here

Winter Writing and Riding


I have two consuming passions anymore.  I love riding my Honda Goldwing and I love writing.  They feed each other.  Riding allows my mind to clear so I can focus on my writing and writing makes me need to get out for wind therapy.

This time of year it gets difficult to find time to ride.  The days are shorter, the weather colder, and snow often covers the streets.  The holiday season takes more time away from riding.  I do try to make a point of riding at least once a month all winter.  My only conditions is the streets have to be dry.  I know how to dress to stay warm.

I went out for a short ride two days ago and have been riding a storm of writing since.  Two chapters more in book six of the Journey of the Freighter Lola series, three articles for Law Enforcement Today,  and hours of marketing.  It has been very productive.

Time to get back to work.  Please check out my articles and books.  You can find them all at the links in the menu.

Merry Christmas to everyone,

Bob Weisskopf