Fall Book Signing

Booksigning 2019 fall

Come join Larry Casey and me for a cup of coffee.  Pick up a signed copy of our work and catch up on what we are currently working on.   We hope to see you there.

Remember if you can’t make it you can Shop for my books right here on this site.   My work is available in Kindle E-book and Paperback.

Pick your Platform

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The Journey of the Freighter Lola series, and my cookbook, Dining Not Just Eating are available in both paperback and Kindle E-book.  That means that you can always have something great to read with you.  If you are a traditionalist the paperback books are a great size to carry.  If you prefer you can download the Kindle E-book versions.  My short story, Ambush in the Forest is only available as a Kindle E-book

I love my Kindle reader and I also have a Fire tablet.  They come ready to download an E-book.  and read like a regular book.  However you can download the Kindle Reader App to almost any platform.  IPads are great and so are most any Android tablet.  You can load one of the Journey series novels to your phone and always have it with you wherever you go.

The Kindle Reader App is available for both Apple IOS and Android phones.  Now there is no reason not to have the book you are currently ready with you.  With the Kindle Reader App  you are always up to date when you switch from one platform to another.  Read a chapter on your lunch break using your phone and pick right up on your Kindle Reader later when you are reading in bed.

Where ever you see me you can always find me with my books ready to read

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contributing author 2

After 112 articles, over seven years, my relationship with Law Enforcement Today has come to an end. The owner has chosen to move in another direction with his magazines content and writer policy. I wish him the best of luck and success in his future endeavors.
For those of you who have enjoyed my writings you can still find my archived articles at Law Enforcement Today.
I will still be writing for you. Law Officer and CopBlue will now be publishing my work. Please be sure to check out those sites and sign up to be notified when new articles are published.
As a matter of fact, I have a new article that will be released tomorrow, so look for I KNOW WHO I AM, in CopBlue.


Bob Weisskopf

Exciting Adventure Series

journy on gry grdnt copy

This is what all my work is about.  Here are the six novels I spent three years working on.  The Journey of the Freighter Lola follows Jack Tracey as he explores new worlds, fights off evil bandits and pirates, and finds his real family.

Four hundred years in the future and on the far side of the galaxy Jack and the crew of the Freighter Lola are tested over and over.  Enjoy the story and begin your journey today.

All six novels are available from both Barnes & Noble and Amazon in paperback.  They are available as Kindle E-books from Amazon and are part of the Unlimited free downloads if you are an Unlimited member.

Click on the Shop for My Books link in the menu and you will find you to links for all of them.

If you would like to sample before you decide click on the Samples of My Books link in the menu to find selections from each novel as well as my cookbook.

Begin your Journey aboard the Freighter Lola today.

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On-line Articles


I’ve been busy lately.  I am now writing articles for three different online police magazines.  Since 2012 I have written for Law Enforcement Today.  I have published more than 110 articles with them.

Just the other day I published my first article in Law Officer magazine.  Today my first article was published in CopBlue.  I hope to have a long productive career with all three.

I’ll be busy.  I don’t publish the same article in more than one magazine.  That’s only fair to the magazines and readers, and would be the lazy way out for me.

So, look for my links when a new article is published.  You’ll probably see a lot more.  As always I appreciate your feedback on my articles even when it’s negative.  Also you’re welcome to share online any of my articles among your families, friends, and communities.

Help out each of these sites by LIKE-ing their page, joining their group, or signing up for their notification lists.  It is a great way to make sure you get notified when my work and others get posted.

You will be able to find links to my current articles as well as all I’ve written in the past through the menu choice Police Articles.

I’m going to need ideas, so your comments are always needed, and I love it if you can join me for coffee when you are on the NW side of Chicago




More Police Articles

bleed Blue

I’ve been writing articles for the online police magazine Law Enforcement Today since 2012.
The online police magazine Law Officer just released my first article for them and Cop Blue will release my first article in their online magazine on August 8th.

I look forward to working with all three online magazines.  They are each fine and supportive organizations working diligently to train officers and promote officer safety and health.

If you haven’t done so already I encourage you to go to their websites, join their mailing lists, track down their Facebook pages and LIKE them. You don’t want to miss any of the fine articles and programs they offer.

My articles will be linked on the menu bar at Police Articles.

Thank you for your support

Run low and zigzag,

Robert Weisskopf


100th Article for Law Enforcement Today

Back in February of 1912 Law Enforcement Today published my first article.  Today they published the 100th article I have written for them – This STILL ain’t the job it used to be .

In these seven years I have a lot of encouragement from the readers as well as guidance from the LET staff and editors.  I think I have become a better writer and I sure enjoy it  more.

Please remember that you have to actually click on the link in Facebook and not just like it, if you want me to get paid for the article.

LET 100th

This article and all of my others can be found at the LRT link

Have you enjoyed the Journey?

6 journey in aow 16jan2019.pngThe Journey of the Freighter Lola may have reached the end of its run with the sixth novel, Tara Reunion.  I’ve tried to focus on the characters rather than the tech.  I hope you enjoyed the series and if you haven’t read it yet, what’s keeping you?  It’s one of the best space opera series available.

My next work will once again go back to my roots.  I’m planning a police drama loosely based on a series of event’s from my time as a Police officer.  I stress that it is based on these events, I’ll be taking a great deal of literary license in developing the drama.

I think there’s another cook book in the future.  I have been developing recipes and encouraged by the great reviews and personal compliments I’ve received for Dining Not Just Eating I’m encouraged to try volume two.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Journey so far.  It isn’t over, it’s the beginning.