What are you reading?

RW journeySo what are you reading?   No matter how you feel about the current situation with the virus you are spending a lot more time home.  There are lots of great books you should read rather than binge watch Netflix.

I would love to have you try my series, The Journey of the Freighter Lola.  it is the tale of a broken-down old space freighter, Jack Tracey, and the adventures he has aboard his space ship Lola.

Explore new worlds, discover strange new creatures, and battle evil villains. Simply click the links in the menu to read samples of each book or purchase the work.  They are available in Kindle E-book as well as softcover.

You will see links to other work by me from my cookbook to the many magazine articles I have written in three different online magazines.  In addition to that you will find a shopping suggestion link that will show you many of the kitchen items I use in my cooking as well as around the house.


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Bob Weisskopf

Author, Father, Struggling Cook,

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