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I’ve been busy lately.  I am now writing articles for three different online police magazines.  Since 2012 I have written for Law Enforcement Today.  I have published more than 110 articles with them.

Just the other day I published my first article in Law Officer magazine.  Today my first article was published in CopBlue.  I hope to have a long productive career with all three.

I’ll be busy.  I don’t publish the same article in more than one magazine.  That’s only fair to the magazines and readers, and would be the lazy way out for me.

So, look for my links when a new article is published.  You’ll probably see a lot more.  As always I appreciate your feedback on my articles even when it’s negative.  Also you’re welcome to share online any of my articles among your families, friends, and communities.

Help out each of these sites by LIKE-ing their page, joining their group, or signing up for their notification lists.  It is a great way to make sure you get notified when my work and others get posted.

You will be able to find links to my current articles as well as all I’ve written in the past through the menu choice Police Articles.

I’m going to need ideas, so your comments are always needed, and I love it if you can join me for coffee when you are on the NW side of Chicago




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