Have you enjoyed the Journey?

6 journey in aow 16jan2019.pngThe Journey of the Freighter Lola may have reached the end of its run with the sixth novel, Tara Reunion.  I’ve tried to focus on the characters rather than the tech.  I hope you enjoyed the series and if you haven’t read it yet, what’s keeping you?  It’s one of the best space opera series available.

My next work will once again go back to my roots.  I’m planning a police drama loosely based on a series of event’s from my time as a Police officer.  I stress that it is based on these events, I’ll be taking a great deal of literary license in developing the drama.

I think there’s another cook book in the future.  I have been developing recipes and encouraged by the great reviews and personal compliments I’ve received for Dining Not Just Eating I’m encouraged to try volume two.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Journey so far.  It isn’t over, it’s the beginning.





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