Tara Reunion – First Review

Tara first review 1200x 630If you have difficulty reading the review simply click here to go to the Amazon Review page.  You can also follow the link on the page if you would like to add your won review.

The reviews a book gets can make or break the sales of an author’s work.  The more reviews you get on Amazon the more they promote your work.

You can add a review no matter where you got the book.  Amazon knows you may have purchased it at a book signing direct from the author or even from Barnes&Noble.  They do have some rules but as long as you don’t say we’re close friends or you’re my cousin, then it’s fine.

So if you haven’t already, pick up one of the six books in the Journey of the Freighter Lola series and give it a read.  I’d love if you would take a minute afterwards and leave a review.


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