Lola 6 is into editing and proofing

I literally just finished book 6 in the Journey of the Freighter Lola series. I still have all the proof reading and editing then formatting for the paperback to do, but compared to finishing my sixth novel that is nothing. I came up wit a title two nights ago and believe I have the cover done. it might need some tweaking but I’m done with the hard part. The first book took a month. This one took a year. It will still be a month or two before it is available to the public but the big hurdles are gone. .  I think it will be entitled TARA REUNION and here is a peak at the book cover I am working on now-book cover 2c1Now would be a good time to read books one through five in the series if you haven’t already.  They are available in paperback or e-book here

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