Wind Therapy

Wind Therapy
Wind Therapy on my motorcycle

I’ve been stuck like a boot left behind in the mud.  I’m near the end of book six in the Journey of the Freighter Lola series and I’m mired in a mud bog of my own design.  I know how I want it to end and I have an idea how to get to that point.  Only every time I write it down it doesn’t work.  Jack and the crew of the Freighter Lola deserve the best ending.

To help clear my head and come up with creative ideas I have been spending a lot of time in Wind Therapy aboard my 2008 Goldwing.  I’m blowing out cobwebs and hope to come up with the best ending for this novel.

Keep watching.  I will get there and in the mean time check out my articles published in the Law Enforcement Today online news magazine.  

Stay safe.

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