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Without a traditional publisher and perhaps even with, an author has to do a lot of the marketing by himself.  From posting on social media, to podcast interviews, to hanging posters on local bulletin boards, to leaving postcard fliers at every coffee shop in a fifty mile radius, an author’s work is never done.

Today I received my new ink stamp with my QR code and 1000 new post card sized fliers. I got this all from Vista Print online and I’m quite satisfied.  I plan on stamping the inside cover of all my books with my new stamp.

My last printer would have cost me twice as much for the cards.  This is heavier card stock too.

My new cards have that little square boxy code in the lower right hand corner.  Known as QR codes, you see them everywhere now.  Walk through the store and most products have them.

QR codes are great.  Go to any QR code creator.  I use QRCode Monkey.  It’s free.  type in the URL for your blog or what ever page you want and it creates your custom QR Code.  download it and then paste it where ever you need.

To read it you need a QR Code reader on your phone.  They’re free.  Simply go to the App Store on your phone and search for QR Code readers.  I have several on my phone.  They all work about the same.  You then open up the reader on your phone and point it at the code.  They’re quick and it takes you right to the website.  You don’t need great aim.  I had a hard time getting a screen shot because they read the code so fast.code reader

You can see with this photo the code was just barely in the scan square.  It still read the code and took me to my blog.

Next time you stop for coffee look for my new flier and scan the code.  Have fun.

QR code stamp


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