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I have been working on new recipes for Dining, Not Just Eating 2.   So far, I have been enjoying the work.  I’m coming up with my own recipes as well as suggestions from friends.  My only rules are they must be easy to make and simply delicious.  I demand flavor.  Perfect case is breakfast food.  I love eggs and that usually means some sort of potatoes. Hash browns or Home fries.  Both have their fans.  I like them when they are done properly but often, they are either flavorless or burned on the outside and raw in the inside.

Problem is that the fry cook is under pressure to get your meal up and out as quick as he can.  That leaves you to load them up with hot sauce and tons of salt.  Well after some experimenting and taste testing I have worked up what I believe is the best method and I will call them American Fries.

Take either one large or two small russet potatoes, per person, wash them but don’t peal them.  Next grab your mandolin, in my opinion no kitchen should be without one.  I found the Swissmar Borner V-1001 V-Slicer Plus Mandoline 5 Piece Set,  It is now priced at under $45 but you might find it for less online.  I set it to slice small thin potato chip like slices.  Chop a quarter of a sweet onion and toss them in a medium hot skillet with melted butter (2tbls).  Salt and pepper to taste.  I use about ½ tsp salt and a probably ten twists of my pepper grinder.  Next sprinkle them with garlic powder and Italian seasoning to taste.  Finally, take out your smoked paprika and give it a good shake, probably two tsps.  Stir this mixture in the pan and after about two minutes use your spatula to mix it up and turn the potatoes over.   Cover the skillet with a lid.  It doesn’t need to be tight fitting.  You want it to reflect the heat not trap in steam.

Now give them some time.  If they seem to be browning too fast turn down the heat a little.  Trick is, do not rush the cooking.  You want the potatoes to be crispy brown on the outside and tender on the inside.  Giving them time to slowly cook also allows the potatoes to soak up the flavors from the butter and spices without the butter burning.   Test them.  Select a medium sized slice of potato and taste it.  Is it done all the way through?  Does it need more salt or pepper?  Does it need more smoked paprika?  Don’t rush the spuds but don’t under cook them or you will be disappointed.

I like mine with eggs.  Today I made simple scrambled eggs to accompany them on the plate.   Since I have found the secret to these potatoes I find myself having breakfast for dinner or lunch quite often.    By the way you can add just about anything you want to the potatoes.  If you have some green pepper in the fridge, dice it and add it to the mix at the start so that it has time to soften.  Same goes if you find you only have a slice of ham or bacon.  Cut it up into little pieces and add it at the beginning.

By the way, my son Pat, asks at least once a week if we can have eggs and potatoes.  He is a convert.  Sorry there are no photos today.  I didn’t even think of it till after I made lunch and was done.


If you have a recipe that you think might meet my requirements please send it in.  If I use it I will make sure you get full credit in the book.  You won’t get any money for it but you will get fame and recognition.


Dine well,

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