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I took a couple of weeks off from writing.  I focused on marketing my books.  Currently I have my cookbook Dining Not Just Eating as well as my four novels in the Journey of the Freighter Lola series and the prequel Ambush in the Forest.  In the next few days the prequel will be available in print not just as an e-book.

Today I sat down at my computer keyboard and began chapter 1 in the fifth novel in the Journey series.  Keeping with my past practice my working title is simply Lola 5.  It will pick up where Chico 7 – TROLLS left off.

Although I hadn’t written anything down for Lola 5 until today I have been working on the story and plot in my head.  I don’t outline my stories like many authors do but I do work them out in my head first.  I don’t have the entire story figured out yet, but I have enough to start the book.  Jack, Chris, and Julie will let me know how the rest of the story will go as I get there.


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