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I am never far from my Kindle e-book reader.  I’m on my third through no fault of the maker.  Sadly they didn’t survive six foot drops onto a corner or falling into the toilet.  They are reasonably priced so they were immediately replaced.  My current reader has almost five hundred titles on it.

Prices have stayed reasonable on readers and they make for great gifts.  If you aren’t sure which one to get for yourself or as a gift take a look at this comparison I found. (http://newatlas.com/best-e-reader-comparison-2016/46873/)   It compares all the readers available.  The only one you might want to consider that isn’t on the list is the Kindle Fire which starts at $39.99.  They are more similar to pads than  readers and are great ideas for your kids.

A reader bundled with my series The Journey of the Freighter Lola makes for the perfect Christmas gift.


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