The Journey of the Freighter Lola

Welcome to the Journey.  I’ve published three science fiction novels set four hundred years in the future about a man named Jack Tracey.  He’s a former police officer from Earth.  He retired when he injured his back and bought a medium sized galactic freighter.  He named the ship Lola after he saw an old movie called “Dammed Yankies.”  There’s a song in the play titled “Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets.”  It stuck with him.

He travels through the fringe area of our galaxy where there isn’t much protection from bandits.  On his travels he picks up friends as they join the ships crew.  They become closer than any blood relatives.

Jack has a bad back so the reduced gravity aboard ship helps him.  On the long trips he has taken up gourmet cooking as a passion.  I’ve written a cookbook and that all ties into my novels.

I’m editing a fourth novel in the series.  The title is still in the works, so I use the working title of Lola 4.  I hope to publish it by late winter or early spring

I have a free short story that I give to anyone who signs up for my email list.  Ambush in the Forest tells a little about Jack’s friend Chris who signs on periodically as first mate on Lola.  It gives you some detail into Chris’s character.

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