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I have been marketing my newest novel DALE DAIR – Fight for Family heavily on Facebook, Twitter and everywhere I can.  In response to a post I had on a Facebook group, I received a message from a man I have never had contact with in the past.  He claimed to have read my last two books and was looking forward to this new one.  He made a simple statement that really got to me. “You give our families a real lesson in love and honor. This is something important for us all to live. thank you.”

I had to stop and re-read that statement several times.  I was and still am stunned.  I am humbled that my books have had that much of an impact on someone.  Yes, I am a little proud that I was able to write something that would cause a person to write such a compliment.  Mostly I am happy that a message that I write into my stories comes through.

I am the only child of a wonderful man and woman.  They both worked hard and taught me well.  I have three sons who mean more to me than life itself.  I have several cousins who are near and dear to me and always will be.  More importantly, I have learned that family is much more than DNA or a marriage license.

After thirty years as a police officer, I have people in my life who are as close to me as any blood relative.  I have partners who are more than brothers to me and have welcomed me into their family as well.  This family bond comes from sharing time together in a squad and knowing that we were there for each other when the excrement hit the fan.

That bond extends to most other police officers too.  As a board member of the statewide union, I met officers from all over Illinois.  There was a common trust and bond that comes from shared common experiences.

Yes, family and honor are important to me.  I hope I have taught this to my sons.  I hope they experience the benefits of a strong family as much as I have.  Sir, thank you, your remark has deeply touched me.coffee3



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